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Dave Fineman, Global Leader of People Analytics and Workforce Planning at PTC, Joins Integrated Talent Management Class

Steve Safier and Tanea Ellis's Integrated Talent Management Strategies class was privileged to host a People Analytics guest lecture by Dave Fineman, Global Leader, People Analytics and Workforce Planning at PTC, and adjunct lecturer in the Columbia SPS M.S. in HCM program. PTC uses computer-aided drawing (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM), internet of things (IOT), and augmented reality (AR) technologies to help industrial companies around the world accelerate product and service innovation, improve operational efficiency and increase workforce productivity.

Dave's lecture was both far-reaching and very much on target with what our class has been learning, and he extended our understanding of how companies build an analytics culture and supporting practices. Dave's points included:

  • Introduce employees to the availability and use of analytics from the moment they are hired, and reinforce analytics' value through repeated communications, training, and use.
  • Take great care regarding data security and access, and work hard to assure both quality data and a common vocabulary to enhance the effectiveness and adoption of analytics methodologies.
  • Not everyone needs to be an analyst or a technologist to effectively use data. HR business partners and centers of expertise require access to the most amount of information in order to inform their work and to support the business. However, senior leaders, managers and functional analysts need access to data as well as do, to some extent, individual employees.  As Dave put it, "Everyone sees something; some see everything."

Dave then presented compelling case studies which highlighted the use of data-driven insights to understand voluntary termination, recruiting, and diversity. These examples helped our students to see, in a very clear way, how Dave and his colleagues have used data at PTC and elsewhere to better understand talent.

Before Dave left, we asked him for career advice for our students. His guidance:

  • No matter your role, learn how to understand and use data.
  • Network; make connections now and throughout your career.
  • Look for mentors who will advise you. More importantly,seek sponsors who will help you to grow and advance.

Thank you, Dave, for an informative and inspiring visit!