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Spring 2021 Advisory

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Building Essential Skills for Immediate Application on the Job: Audrey Allen

Joining the Human Capital Management (HCM) program’s first online cohort in the Fall of 2019, current student Audrey Allen jumped at the opportunity to attend Columbia University. “My father was a college professor,” she explains. “Every time we visited New York, we always included a trip to Columbia.” Beyond her personal connection with Columbia, Audrey determined that the HCM program in particular offered everything she was seeking academically. She shares, “I was looking for a program that would not only give me a foundational understanding of Human Resources, but would also provide a clear understanding of real-life application as well as help me develop my business acumen.”

Over a year into the program, some consistent themes have begun to emerge in Audrey’s estimation. “In order for Human Capital programs to truly have impact, they must be tied to an organization's business strategy,” she observes.  Another essential skill for future HR leaders involves “understanding how to leverage data to support human capital initiatives is an important tool for gaining buy-in from senior leadership.”

The program’s world-class scholar-practitioners are on hand to guide their students beyond the classroom. These industry leaders share extensive academic, business, and consulting experience they’ve garnered first-hand. “Columbia's HCM faculty are truly invested in you,” says Audrey. “They want to help you succeed, not just in the program but in your career.” This supportive environment allows faculty to mentor students, helping to shape their professional perspectives.

Looking ahead, Audrey has her sights set on next summer. “I am excited to bring all of the knowledge I have gained throughout this program together and see it come to fruition in the capstone project,” she says. But for now, she’s taking advantage of the support and dedication of the program’s faculty. “As I previously stated, the faculty wants to help you and is invested in seeing you succeed.” Audrey advises future HCM students to follow her lead and “attend office hours, go to program events, and build relationships whenever possible. Put your time and energy into the program, and it will pay off!”


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