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Bioethics Alumnus Obiora N. Anekwe Writes Children’s Book

Obiora N. Anekwe, an alumnus of the M.S. in Bioethics program, has ventured into new territory by writing his first children’s book.

The book, The Adventures of Blind Tom, recounts the life of Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins, an autistic savant and genius pianist born into slavery in the 19th century. Anekwe both wrote and illustrated the book, which was released in summer 2015 from his own publishing company, Ethically Speaking Press.

Anekwe worked as a New York City Teaching Fellow in District 75, the Special Education District within the New York City Department of Education, which serves a wide range of special needs children. He is currently studying Childhood Special Education to teach adolescent students with special needs.

Anekwe feels a personal connection with the subject matter because, having grown up in Nigeria in his early childhood, he remembers being treated like an outsider because English was his second language. Through his work, he portrays how children can overcome their challenges and recognize their unique identities.

Over the past year, Anekwe has written several pieces on post-secondary education and bioethics including Chronicling the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Essays, Research Writings, Commentaries, and Other Documented Works, co-written with his brother, Dr. Ejinkonye C. Anekwe.

Read more about Anekwe's new book on Pace University’s site.