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2021 Construction Administration Career Outcomes Report

The 2021 Construction Careers Outcomes Report showcases a snapshot of the Master of Science in Construction Administration graduates and how they are advancing knowledge with purpose. It also demonstrates how our Career Design Lab at the School of Professional Studies of Columbia University connects students to the resources and relationships they need to advance, adapt, and accelerate their careers—while they’re here and long after they leave.

This class graduated during the height of the pandemic when many institutions–and construction sites–were closed. The impact of these shut-downs were tremendous and far-reaching, particularly for graduates entering the world of work. Despite this challenge, over 80% of Construction Administration graduates were employed within six months of graduation. For those who were working full time while studying, 50% either made a lateral move, transitioned into a new industry, or were promoted after graduation–achievements worth celebrating. 

Thanks to industry-leading faculty and a network of engaged alumni, the Master of Science in Construction Administration prepared this class with the tools necessary to overcome obstacles and accomplish their professional goals.

The report highlights the extraordinary career advancements of the program alumni after the completion of the degree.

  • Thanks to the support of the program and CDL, 90.5% of the Class of 2021 found employment in the Construction & Real Estate Sector. 
  • Most graduates (79%) pursued construction management careers in the United States with 81% finding roles in New York. 
  • 50% of graduates have landed jobs with post-graduate salaries of over $100,000, and 27% with salaries between $70,000 and $98,063.

“I came to the Construction Administration program to be part of an experienced community, where we share areas of expertise and grow a network among industry leaders. As part of 2% of the construction industry being Asian, I became aware of the challenges ahead for ethnic women…The Columbia program systematically trained me comprehensively, developed custom areas that I needed strengthening. The networking events with organizations such as DBIA and CMAA helped develop areas of my strength with a focus in hospitality and infrastructure.”


“I completed my degree in Construction Administration in the middle of one of the biggest global challenges we've faced in recent memory. I had initially joined the program as a way to solidify my knowledge in a new career, but the degree has come to mean so much more than just a piece of paper. The classwork and partnerships we formed created a camaraderie amongst my classmates and professors that grew out of this enormous crisis. I’m forever thankful to have had that support during this time.”