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Fall Update

At SPS this fall, all courses, other than pre-established online courses, will be offered face-to-face in our New York City classrooms. Some of these face-to-face courses will be offered in the HyFlex format to ensure that all of our students can make progress toward their degree requirements, if faced with delays due to student visas or vaccination effectiveness wait times.
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Deborah Starr, Ph.D.

Lecturer; Licensed Therapist

Deborah Starr, Ph.D. Psychology, M.S. Neuroscience, M.S. Narrative Medicine, is a lecturer in the Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University and a licensed therapist in private practice. Her dissertation and early work was with eating disorders and before pursuing Narrative Medicine, she spent ten years in litigation consulting, researching the importance and power of language. Her recent studies have led her to focus on how healthcare is delivered in contemporary culture, including wellness trends and end-of-life issues. She created an animated film called “Plain Talk to encourage people to talk about death/end-of-life concerns and to change the cultural norm on this topic. She is also a leader and researcher in the use of meditation and psychedelic medicines for mental health. She is interested in using the arena of Narrative Medicine as a vehicle for education and transformation of healthcare and well-being, having led programs in the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.