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What Is Being Done to Address Environmental Health Risks in Harlem and Northern Manhattan?

A conversation at The Forum presented in partnership with Emeritus Professors in Columbia (EPIC) and The School of Professional Studies, Columbia University with Dr. David Evans, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University, and Peggy Shepard, Executive Director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Inc.

Introduced by Mary McGee, Executive Director, The Forum, and Margaret Jo Shepherd, Professor Emerita of Education, Teachers College

There is increasing recognition that toxic chemicals in the environment, as well as poverty, racism, and inequitable access to medical care, contribute to both pediatric and adult disease.

The Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health has conducted research in Central and West Harlem, Washington Heights and the South Bronx since 1998 to assess the impact of prenatal exposure to suspected environmental health hazards on growth and development throughout childhood.  We Act for Environmental Justice, Inc., Columbia's community partner, fights for environmental health and justice through community organizing and advocacy for legislative change. Dr. Evans and Ms. Shepard will describe their collaborative work to address these problems over the last two decades.

This event is FREE and open to the public. 

Additional Speakers

Dr. David Evans

Peggy Shepard