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From Raw to Refined: Data, Analytics, and AI for Better Outcomes (Virtual Event)

1222 CTM

In an ever increasingly unpredictable and uncertain environment, the role of data and analytics in driving business outcomes and organizational impact is more critical than ever before.  Organizations that leverage data and analytics to solve real world complex problems and identify opportunities will be able to transform themselves into innovative, efficient, and sustainable businesses of the future.

As a part of the IKNS Conversations that Matter Series, the M.S. in Information & Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) program is proud to bring you this exciting online event. IKNS Lecturer Benjamin Royce will lead the conversation with Shail Jain (Founder of Foresight Ventures, LLC and former Global Lead, Data & AI for Accenture) and Ritika Gunnar (Senior Director Product Management and Product Activation, Google) discussing the transformative power of AI technologies for business strategies, practical examples of applying AI and Machine Learning techniques, potential implications in societal, economic and business implementation as well as building the culture needed for AI adoption. 

Key Topics:

  • Overview of AI/ML technologies: State of the art AI and Machine Learning techniques, speech and image recognition, robotics, neural networks, deep learning, and predictive analytics.
  • Business Implementation: Need for overall data and analytical strategy in line with organizational strategy, emphasis on everything starts with data and ends with data, choosing use cases wisely (which problems can AI be applied to and what are the benefits to the organization), moving from pilot to production, scalability, common good, make lives easier, positive impact.
  • Challenges/Opportunities: Realistic vs unrealistic promises of AI, quality data to train models, bias, gaps (data governance, regulations, privacy, security, data protection), ethical considerations, process deficiencies, building the culture needed for AI adoption (leadership support and messaging, employees upskilling, literacy, human vs robotics fear).


About the IKNS Conversations that Matter series

“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.“ (Linda Lambert)

Conversations that Matter is a series of public education events which bring the thinkers, doers, and experts of the IKNS community together with a broader audience of curious minds from across Columbia University and beyond. These conversations tackle topics which are not only timely and relevant, but also at the core of the Information & Knowledge Strategy discipline. Through the fruitful exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge by industry experts, distinguished academics, and thought innovators at the leading edge of their fields, we hope to ignite further discussion and action leading to positive change in organizations, communities, and industry.

This series is brought to you by Columbia University’s M.S. in Information & Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) program as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to advancing knowledge with the purpose of moving careers, communities, and markets forward.

For questions, please contact Michael Karbowiak at mk3866 [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu

For additional information about program offerings at the Columbia University School of Professional Studies, please contact an Admissions Counselor at 212-854-9666 or inquire [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu.