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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Webinar: Transforming Ethical Dimensions of Organizational Culture

Ed Schein once described organizational culture as the shared, subconscious expectations that drive employee behavior.

What does this look like? You might observe that employees in your organization tend to chip in without ever being asked. You might also notice that these same employees regularly read and respond to emails on their smartphones during meetings. Culture is dynamic and complex. It is also stubborn. It takes a lot more to drive sustainable culture change than educating employees about how they should conduct themselves. While rewards and punishments may help temporarily, nine times out of ten the habit of neglect seeps back into everyday behavior. In some instances conflict is created and then the situation may become more complicated.

In this webinar, Dr. William Brendel will describe how some ethics and compliance departments miss the mark by focusing on informative education, rewards and punishment, while others are becoming more creative in identifying risk factors that live in a shared, subconscious mindset. He will cover seven habits of mind that prevent employees from engaging ethically and reveal a surprising new finding about the power of mindfulness in drawing attention to (and dissolving) these habits. Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Academic Director of the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program, will join Dr. Brendel in connecting this to how conflict resolution practitioners can intervene following the same adult learning and mindfulness approaches.


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About the Speaker

Dr. William Brendel serves as the President and CEO of the Center for Ethical Organizations, a 501 (c) 3 affiliated with the University of St Thomas. He received his Master’s Degree in Social-Organizational Psychology (2003) and Doctorate in Adult Learning & Leadership (2009) at Teachers College, Columbia University. He has close to 20 years of experience as an organization development consultant, researcher, and author. Dr. Brendel’s research utilizes mindfulness practice as a method for cultivating organizational citizenship, compassionate leadership, and caring organizational cultures.


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