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Applications for 2024 Columbia Summer Session programs are now open!

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NECR March Webinar: The Neuroscience of Change with Susan Levin

Humans are hardwired to resist change. Contrary to common belief, the human capacity for rational judgment is much more limited, especially when it comes to dealing with change and the conflict that can result. Neuroscience can help explain why situations can escalate so quickly, and the negative consequences that can result. This foundational understanding, which provides evidence that many personality traits, including how to relate to other individuals and groups, has some basis in the biology of the brain. There is a balancing act between parts of the brain that deal with memories, pleasures, and fears and the analytical and logical processing function. These parts can vary between individuals and groups and impact their perceptions of situations. In this webinar, you’ll learn how the brain dictates our behavior while we undergo change especially when it’s unwelcome or unexpected. We’ll explore practical approaches to managing the conflict that can emerge from the change.

For further information please contact Kjerstin Pugh (kep2137 [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu).

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