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Game Time Decision-Making in Times of Disruption

The challenges faced by business leaders to make wise decisions under pressure are enormous. The global pandemic has caused economic, human capital, and supply chain disruptions; opportunities and increased competition alike are emerging from technological innovations in 5G, AI, and automation; and the widespread demand for enhanced social justice is giving rise to enormous change as well as new opportunities.

In this conversation, practitioners, faculty, and alumni from two SPS programs compare notes and share insights on what conditions, structures, and strategies can be employed to foster smart, productive, successful decisions: be it through logistics, planning, and foresight; through a better understanding of psychology and biases; or through rational analysis of near- and long-term costs and benefits at a time of unprecedented uncertainty.   



Moses Adoko, Ph.D. 
Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center

Diane Gherson 
Former Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, IBM 

Ben Royce
’13SPS, Information and Knowledge Strategy 
Lecturer, M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy, School of Professional Studies; Business Development, Cloud AI Services Google 

Steve Safier, Ph.D.
Interim Program Director and Lecturer in the Discipline of Human Capital Management, M.S. in Human Capital Management, School of Professional Studies 

Jordon Sims 
Lecturer, M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy, School of Professional Studies; Founding Partner, Imperium Global Advisors 

Moderated by: 

Beth Semaya, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Interim Program Director, M.S. Information and Knowledge Strategy, School of Professional Studies


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