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Mary LeDonne Bank

Advisory Board Member; Head of Engineering & Organizational Development, Goldman Sachs

Mary LeDonne Bank has over 21 years of experience at Goldman Sachs. In her most recent role, she has been aligned to the firm's Engineering Management and Strategy team as the Head of Engineering & Organizational Development. In her role, Mary works closely with Engineering leadership on advancing the division's culture, strategy and overall investment in engineer career progression and education. Prior to this seat, Mary was part of the firm's learning leadership team and served as the Head of Learning's Advising, Client and Commercial Growth business. In this capacity, she created the learning organization's MD advisory strategy, drove innovative and commercial work with GS Accelerate and advanced the function's client engagement approach. Over the course of her career in HCM, Mary built deep client relationships, delivered transformative and innovative projects, and played an instrumental role in creating a sense of community. Mary graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1994, completed her masters in Human Development from Columbia University, Teachers College in 1997 and is currently working on her dissertation to complete her doctorate in Cognitive Science. She resides in New York City and her greatest accomplishments in life are her three beautiful children and loving husband.


  • B.A., Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. Human Development, Columbia University
  • Ed.D. (in progress) Cognitive Science, Columbia University