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Morningside Campus Access Updates

All Columbia affiliates have access to the Morningside campus. CUID holders can request campus access for guests by completing the registration form. Campus entry points remain limited. Read More.
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Yuxin (Savannah) Liao

SPS Tutor, Applied Analytics

Yuxin (Savannah) Liao is entering her third semester at SPS in the Applied Analytics program. Her goal is to support students and help them gain a solid foundation in using data analysis and data visualization techniques. She looks forward to those "aha" moments as complex concepts become clear, and is eager to share real-world insights to bridge theory and practice. Savannah tutors Python, R, Tableau and SQL.

Python: variables, loops, conditionals, data types, functions, libraries, data cleaning, visualization techniques
SQL: queries
Tableau: data visualization
R: statistical computing and data analysis

Fun fact: Savannah has been playing badminton for over 10 years, and is on the Columbia badminton team!