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Shahzeb Amin

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program Representative, SPS Student Government

Hi everyone!! My name is Shahzeb Amin and I am the NECR Program Representative. I have previously served in this position during Spring 2023 and Fall 2023, so it feels great to be back!! I was born in the United Kingdom, but grew up in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan is a vibrant, beautiful and diverse county, and id more than happy to host anyone from my Columbia family, if you ever decide to visit a new country. I am the lead guitarist for my bands Kohraam and Ocean Lights, and indulge in high-altitude mountaineering whenever I get the time. I hope to pursue the field of international concoct resolution in the future, by serving as an on-ground mediator in conflict zones. It is my desire to be an inclusive and empathetic program rep, who values the need for facilitation and support. Looking forward to being a part of this diverse community 😊.