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Natthatida Tancharoen

Sustainability Management Program Representative, SPS Student Government

Hello everyone! My name is Natthatida (I know it's long!) but I usually go with my nickname as Mew (Yes, the Pokémon). I am currently serving as the Sustainability Management Representative and I am also serving in the Alumni Committee for SPSSG. I was born in Bangkok but raised and lived in several cities and counties including Kansas City (US), Tokyo (Japan), and Milan (Italy) and I am so incredibly grateful to have added New York City to the list! After I finish my master's degree at Columbia, I plan to work in consulting specifically in sustainability and climate change with my deepest desire to transition myself into politics in my 40s! My absolute favourite hobby is traveling and I've been trying to keep up with the number of countries I've been to with my age but it got slipped off during Covid-19. So, since now I'm here in America, I hope to travel to some other countries to boost that number and explore places I have always had on my list! Fun fact about me is even though my name is Mew, I was not named after the Pokémon. In fact, I was born before Pokémon came out. During my time at SPSSG, I hope to initiate more fun but at the same time professionally relevant initiatives because who likes boring things?