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Harshit Jain

Actuarial Science Program Representative, SPS Student Government

Hello, everyone! I'm Harshit Jain, and I'm honored to serve as the Actuarial Science representative for this term. I hail from Agra, India, a city renowned for its iconic Taj Mahal, one of the world's seven wonders. My journey into actuarial science and insurance has been both exciting and rewarding. I completed my undergraduate studies in Accounting at Delhi University, where I developed a strong foundation in finance and risk management. My professional career took off in the insurance industry, where I've spent nearly four years as a valuable member of the pricing team for life insurance products. This experience has deepened my understanding of the critical role that actuarial science plays in making insurance accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life. I am on a mission to become a Fellow Actuary, driven by the belief that insurance is not just a financial instrument but a necessity for society's well-being. I am passionate about leveraging my actuarial skills to bridge the gap and diversify insurance's reach, ensuring it benefits the masses. In my spare time, I read economic news and stock markets. I'm also a gym enthusiast, as I believe in maintaining a healthy body and mind. 
I look forward to connecting with all of you and collaborating to make a positive impact through our shared interests and goals.