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Camilo Garcia

Senator, SPS Student Government

Camilo Garcia is a graduate student at the School of Professional Studies, currently pursuing a Master's in Construction Administration. Growing up in New York, he was surrounded by endless buildings which piqued his interest in the built environment. Camilo has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology from the University of Hartford and for the last ten years, he has owned and operated a Building Information Modeling (BIM) firm. The firm works on many of the notable structures that fill in our skyline. Camilo and his team are passionate about technology and data merging in the construction industry through BIM.

During his time here at SPS, Camilo received the 2021 Construction Administration fellowship award and the CMA Metro NY/NJ chapter 2022 student scholarship award. He also serves as the School of Professional Studies’ only student body senator. Senator Garcia represents SPS at all Columbia University Senate hearings. The Columbia University Senate is a University-wide legislature, representing faculty, students, and other constituencies. It makes policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University or more than one school, including educational programs and priorities, the budget, academic freedom and tenure, the conduct of research, the libraries, information technology, Columbia's external relations, student sexual misconduct, rules governing political demonstrations, and the welfare of faculty, students, and research officers. Trustee concurrence is required for acts of the Senate.

In his free time, Camilo enjoys volunteering and supporting various causes such as the Construction Managers Association of America and the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. On the weekends he enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and children.