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New Health Guidance

Columbia will continue to require the wearing of non-cloth masks in instructional spaces for Summer sessions. Please ensure you have a green pass on the ReopenCU app. Learn more.
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Arlene Chandra

Nonprofit Management Representative, SPS Student Government

My name is Arlene Angeline Chandra. I am brown and unapologetically loud. For I am a social services professional that maintains a civic duty to roar and be heard, all for the greater good. I appreciate how nonprofits continue to evolve in the face of social change, changing trends and pandemic outbreaks. With that, new and sometimes unforeseen challenges emerge within the nonprofit sector, with some of the greatest issues surrounding mental health, political and social unrest, retention, growth opportunities, etc. I feel both moved and empowered to effectuate change and bridge these injustices at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. I heal by helping others, and that is why I am attending this institution and am committed to social change. With that, I give you my commitment and sincere compassion to one day prompt a revolutionary force as opposed to an evolutionary progression. This is my life’s mission.