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The U.S. Must Invest in Early Science Education to Compete Globally, says Dr. Robert Klitzman

In a new op-ed for The Hill, Columbia Bioethics Program Director Dr. Robert Klitzman is calling for more aggressive funding dedicated to early science education in the U.S. “Biographies of great researchers reveal how their love of science starts early,” Klitzman wrote. By encouraging younger students to take an interest in science early in their schooling, he says, they are more likely to develop a love for it.

Contrasting U.S. spending for science research versus education, Dr. Klitzman says the latter is a long-term investment for the U.S., especially as it competes with large economies such as China’s. He also called for better funding for high school and middle school science teachers to conduct summer research and other initiatives.

Read the full article, “How to win against China? Fund science education — not just research,” here.