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Skye C. Cleary on Relationships and Dating Apps

Skye C. Cleary, an instructor for the Managing Human Behavior in the Organization course, has written a piece for The Conversation that was picked up by The New Republic and Business Insider. In it, she analyzes the effect that online dating apps have had on love and relationships, particularly when framed in a Nietzschean perspective. Nietzsche suggests that when people decide on potential mates based purely on physical looks as opposed to values and preferences, the relationship is not as strong. Therefore, friendships are more powerful relationships than romantic ones:

“If lovers were better friends, relationships would be healthier. Great friends support and encourage each other to look beyond themselves, to achieve their goals and to become better people. Nietzsche referred to this as striving toward the ideal of the Übermensch.”

Read the piece in its entirety on The Conversation and learn more about the Business Certification.