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Pharma Companies Have To Hit A Bull's-Eye To Launch Coronavirus Vaccine In 2021, says Dr. Robert Klitzman

As public health and economies continue to suffer from the coronavirus and related stay-at-home orders, companies and the government are aggressively accelerating their efforts to develop a vaccine. In an interview with Investor's Business Daily, Dr. Robert Klitzman explained the risks associated with shortening the process.

Dr. Klitzman joined a chorus of scientists, analysts, and pharma executives stressing the importance of getting the vaccine right the first time to ensure that it works and lasts for most of the general public and avoids unintended side effects as well. A significantly shorter period of clinical testing, variables such as patients' age or pre-existing health issues and other unknowns like virus mutations make that very difficult, according to experts; the development takes 10 to 15 years under normal circumstances.

"In general, not more than around 10% of all new drugs and interventions that researchers and drug companies pursue end up being effective."

Dr. Robert Klitzman, Academic Director, M.S. in Bioethics, School of Professional Studies, Columbia University

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