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Spring 2021 Advisory

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Integrated Talent Management Strategies: Will AI Replace the HCM Professional?

This week our Integrated Talent Management Strategies students were joined by guest speaker Zach Eslami, AI Implementation Leader, North America - IBM. Zach shared case studies to bring to life some of the ways machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) help humans - particularly HCM humans - manage complexity and spend their time in the most valuable ways.

ML and AI can support recruiting and onboarding efficiency,  effectiveness and performance, as well as analytic modeling for return to office risk assessment in these pandemic-driven times.

However, in case students assume that AI will replace the HCM professional of the future, Zach was clear to remind us that AI's purpose is to augment human analysis and performance, not to replace humans. 

For example, an AI tool in recruiting will help HCM professionals spend quality time talking person-to-person with the best candidates, rather than reviewing dozens of differently-qualified candidate profiles.

Students also heard about how ML and AI help monitor and mitigate potential bias in recruitment processes, with the important caveat that input data and feature tuning are critical to ensure that these tools perform as expected. 

It seems the human partnership is indeed important after all!

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