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George Swisher, CEO and co-founder of, joins Nabeel Ahmad's Organizational Strategy & Learning Class

George Swisher, CEO and co-founder of, a software platform that helps leaders manage organizational change more precisely, joined Nabeel Ahmad's Organizational Strategy & Learning class to discuss the role technology plays in helping leaders find problem areas before they happen.

During the hour-long Q&A and demo session, Mr. Swisher described to future leaders in the class the role of technology in helping them make better decisions. Mr. Swisher identified the importance of empathy and employee sentiment to aid in prioritizing organizational objectives. He touched upon his work with Zappos on managing change, as the class was analyzing a case study on Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's decision to implement holacracy.

Mr. Swisher took a deep dive into the AI-based sentiment analysis platform, using a learning transformation example from the class textbook. He showcased how learning organizations can use natural language processing (NLP) to gauge sentiment of achieving learning objectives, without needing to survey employees.

Mr. Swisher fielded numerous questions about the capabilities and role of AI in organizations, as well as the need for learning professionals to understand how to give good inputs in order to receive great outputs.