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Christopher Gilchrist

Course Associate; Principal, Forrester Research, Inc.

'20SPS, Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS)

Christopher is a Principal within Forrester’s research group covering the organizational and people side of technology advancement. His research focuses on the intersection of strategy and governance providing guidance to organizations on the evolution of value capture and value creation. Previously, for more than twelve years, Christopher has held global leadership roles focused on scaling strategy while maintaining sound management practices. His experience resided with advising how to optimize alignment, proficiency, and competency as organizations strategically pursued market objectives. He has led solutions across a wide array of strategic issues including policy and performance governance programs, enterprise risk and regulatory strategy, and organizational change management strategies.

Aside from these professional endeavors, Christopher continues to support research on the future of work and its subsequent effect on post-industrial economics at his alma mater. Furthermore, he remains active within SPS supporting the e-mentor program, IBM/Columbia accelerator, and leads the IKNS Alumni Network. Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Science from Columbia University in New York City.