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H.S. Bob Kostakopoulos

Deputy Program Director and Lecturer, M.S. in Enterprise Risk Management Program

Bob Kostakopoulos is 30+ years of career banker with first-hand experience dealing with banking regulators. He is an expert in Regulatory Frameworks (Basel III, Dodd-Frank Act, BCBS/BIS) and Enterprise Risk Management; and in managing silo risks such as systemic, strategic, financial, operational, economic, and global.

Kostakopoulos has served as president, C.E.O., director of three community banks, and head of econometric modeling and database management at Merrill Lynch Economics, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Group's research arm.

His interests relate to measuring:

  • The impact of financial interconnectedness and predictability of financial crises
  • Bank exposure in stressed environments using stress tests covering Capital adequacy (CCAR), Liquidity Coverage Ratio, Net Stable Funding Ratio, and Leverage ratio.
  • Credit risk and Market risk using acceptable regulatory frameworks
  • Strategic and Operational risks using appropriate regulatory frameworks
  • Economic risk emanating from the global macro-economy, global governance risk, and anti-competitive market practices.

Kostakopoulos has contributed to the development and teaches these ERM Program courses: Traditional ERM Practices; Strategic Risk Management; Systemic Risk; Company Failures; Cognitive Bias & ERM; Internship; Operational Risk Management, as an Online Course Developer.

Before joining the ERM Program, Kostakopoulos taught M.B.A. courses in International Risk Analysis ("Washington Consensus"); Managerial Economics (industry structure, market power, anti-trust mitigations); Financial Strategy and Business Decisions under Uncertainty; Macroeconomics in a Global Economy (macroeconomic risk and Global governance - Security Council of the U.N.); International Economics - Theory & Policy; Risk Management; Corporate Finance; and International Corporate Finance.

Kostakopoulos' recent research is in


  • Ph.D., Columbia University
  • M.Phil., Columbia University
  • M.A., Columbia University
  • B.B.A., Pace University