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Health Guidance

Masking is strongly recommended in all indoor settings. New students and faculty and staff are required to sign an updated version of the Columbia Community Compact. Learn more.
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Aaron Buchsbaum

Course Associate

Aaron Buchsbaum is an IKNS graduate and has worked as a Knowledge Management Officer with the World Bank Group since 2014. Beginning last July, he joined an institutional flagship program to support investments in health and education of the next generation ("The Human Capital Project"). Prior to the Bank, Aaron worked for a public health NGO called John Snow Inc., the U.S. Peace Corps, Tufts University, and spent short periods working on farms and restaurants. He currently "moonlights" with another IKNS graduate doing business consulting and is a board member on a small non-profit promoting cultural exchange and community development with Burkina Faso.

Aaron has lived in Washington, D.C. for the past 6.5 years. He has a cat named Acadia (part Maine Coon) and was recently married (October 2018) to his wife, Rosa. High on his list of personal priorities are maintaining a clean, healthy Earth, and contributing to equality of opportunity for individuals and communities.