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Health Advisory Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

Online Classes: Columbia will remain open, but all classes for the remainder of the semester will be conducted online. Visit the link below for important information about the virus’s symptoms and current recommendations. Learn More
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Webinar: Developing Resilience in Conflict, Crises, & Disputes

Regardless of your profession or role in crisis situations, conflicts, or disputes, it can become draining both cognitively and physically. Without proper coping strategies, it can lead to fractured and broken relationships, negative stress, sleep issues, and diminished mental and physical health.

It is therefore necessary to first and foremost look after your own well-being and health. That is not selfish either, looking out for yourself is smart and the hallmark science-backed resiliency practices. This webinar shares key concepts of resilience based on the warr;or21 program and provides some practical exercises you can try yourself.

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshia, Academic Director of the NECR M.S. program, and Jeff Thompson, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist in Molecular Imaging & Neuropathology, Crisis Counselor, and NYPD Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator will be among the featured speakers.


Additional Speakers