Sports Management Student Andrew Hawkins Balances Classes with the NFL

Sports Illustrated’s  MMQB blog wrote about a day in the life of Andrew Hawkins, Sports Management graduate student and Cleveland Browns receiver. It’s the off-season for the NFL player, so he balances his full courseload with practices in Florida and caring for three children. Hawkins flies up to New York once a week for a full day of classes, including Sports Finance, Leadership and Management, and Advanced Sports Media and Marketing. Hawkins’ professors speak highly of him, especially as a former college student-athlete:

[Professor] Katz places Hawkins in the top tier of students in his classes. “His homework assignments as well as his class participation have demonstrated that he is an exceptional student,” Katz says. He finds Hawkins especially impressive because of the typical demand on athletes who try to balance academics. “I know from relationships with college athletes how much they are not given a fair chance to be students,” he says. “Andrew obviously overcame the time demands and built a very strong academic foundation.”

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