Sports Management Faculty Launch New Podcast

Sports Management faculty launched their own podcast, CUSP - Columbia University Sports Podcast. The show is hosted by faculty members Joe Favorito and Tom Richardson, who kicked off their inaugural broadcast in December 2015.

CUSP broadcasts about twice per week. Subject matter ranges from business insights to special topics in the sports industry such as gender discrimination. With a diverse array of interviewees, the podcast shines a light on a broad spectrum of concerns in the sports business.

So far, the hosts have interviewed industry heavy hitters such as Bleacher Report president Rory Brown and Columbia University’s Senior Associate Athletics Director Joe Quinlan.

Favorito said that the audience can expect “great storytellers, that’s the most important thing — people who are leaders in their industry, people who are innovators."

The first episode features current Sports Management student Iciss Tillis, an American professional women's basketball player.

Favorito and Richardson interview the former Duke and WNBA basketball player about her experience pursuing her third degree at Columbia.

Listen to the full CUSP podcast on iTunes, and learn more about the M.S. in Sports Management.