Scott Rosner Discusses Derrick Rose’s Adidas Contract

Scott Rosner, Academic Director of Columbia’s Sports Management program, was recently featured in Sports Illustrated. The publication asked Rosner for his analysis of the monumental sponsorship deal between Adidas and NBA player Derrick Rose.

Recently the magazine acquired a copy of the contract between the corporation and the star which has bewildered the sports industry. One of the most lucrative sponsorships of all time, the deal promises Rose $185 million over 14 years, including annual retainers of $12 million.

At the time it was signed, Rose was at the height of his career. But weeks later, he sustained the first of a series of injuries that kept him out of the game for almost two seasons. His return since then has been underwhelming. Numerous clauses in the contract would have allowed Adidas to exit the deal—but they didn’t.

The magazine asked Rosner for his insight. “I don’t think it was sloppy drafting,” he told the magazine. “I think Adidas didn’t use its leverage; or, at that moment, didn’t have the leverage.”

Rosner, a former Professor at the Wharton School, Principal of Hudson Sports Consulting, and J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School, joined Columbia earlier this year.

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