Columbia’s Sports Management Program Named Top Five in the World

SportBusiness International’s Postgraduate Sports Course Rankings announced that Columbia University’s M.S. program in Sports Management was named one of the top five best sports management programs in the world for 2015.

Vince Gennaro, director of Columbia’s Sports Management Program, said, “In the true tradition of Columbia University, our ranking is a tribute to our extraordinary faculty, our innovative and globally-oriented curriculum, and our outstanding students and alumni.”

Columbia University’s master’s degree program in Sports Management, available full-time and part-time, has ascended in the rankings by providing an innovative curriculum to its students through an outstanding faculty comprised of industry leaders.

The curriculum continues to expand, with new courses in sports analytics, international sports, and a unique course centered on the ever-changing and complex world of digital sports media. The Analytics of Global Sport, a class which will debut next academic year, will blend sports data, analytics, and the international sports market.

SportBusiness International’s annual Postgraduate Sports Course Rankings are the gold standard in postgraduate-level sports management programs worldwide. Gennaro said, “It’s great to see the recognition of our three-pronged focus on the global sports market, innovations in digital sports, and sports analytics.” The final rankings for the 2015 contenders will be announced in the June issue of SportBusiness International magazine.