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José Pascal da Rocha

José Pascal da Rocha is a lecturer with the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at the School of Professional Studies, Columbia University. He is also a visiting lecturer with IESEG School of Management, Paris and Lille Campus, France, and a fellow with the BRICS Policy Center, Global South Unit for Mediation in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Da Rocha has over 18 years of experience in crisis negotiations in volatile environments (e.g. UNOSOM I, II, UNPROFOR, IFOR, KFOR, SFOR, UNTAET, UNAMA, ISAF, UNAMIR, Operation Artemis), and he serves as a Peace and Development Adviser (PDA) to the UN and as a mediation expert with the UN Department of Political Affairs (Kampala Talks, Darfur). He is also a rostered mediation expert with the OSCE. His thematic expertise is in conflict prevention, elections, extractive industries, gender, national dialogue and reconciliation and security arrangements.

Da Rocha also provides advisory services for Fortune 500 companies in change management strategies and intercultural communication.

He has published on diversity management (European Management Review), political mediation (Global South Unit for Mediation and forthcoming with Peter Lang Publishing), and social inclusion (Onus Library).