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Gordon Linoff

Gordon Linoff is best known for authoring a series of best-selling textbooks in the field of databases and analytics which have won wide acclaim for their clear and effective explanation of technical concepts while integrating the business perspective.

He is an owner of Data Miners, Inc. which he and Michael Berry founded in 1988. A selected list of clients include The New York Times, Bank of America, The Teaching Company, T-mobile, and Pfizer. In these assignments, he has applied advanced techniques to setting up data mining and analysis environments, conducting predictive modeling to improve marketing campaigns, and other applications.

Earlier in his career, Linoff was System Architect for Thinking Machines Corporation, a pioneer and early leader in the field of high-performance, parallel supercomputing founded in 1983 by Danny Hillis from MIT’s famous Artificial Intelligence Lab. In this role, he led the creation of a next-generation database system, CMSQL, which took advantage of massively parallel computers. He also developed a set of data mining algorithms, which have been incorporated into the Oracle Data Mining product.

Linoff is a regular contributor to journals and invited speakers at conferences, and is a top-rated contributor to SQL-related discussions on Stack Exchange. He was a key developer of the Business Knowledge Series of training courses offered by the SAS Institute. He is a graduate of MIT in Mathematics.