High School Visiting Students

Academically exceptional high school students can apply to take courses with Columbia students and earn full college credit. This program is open only to domestic high school students in their junior or senior year who live within commuting distance.

Program Benefits

from thousands of courses in 100 subject areas.

with distinguished Columbia faculty.

with an academic advisor to tailor your study to your academic goals.

your application to any college or university.

college life at a prestigious Ivy League institution.


High School Visiting Students typically enroll in lower-level (1000–2999) courses and must obtain special permission from the Director of Summer Sessions and Visiting Student Programs to register for upper-level courses (3000 and above). Please note that some courses have prerequisites.

To take courses as a High School Visiting Student during the summer, please apply to the Columbia Summer Sessions.

Length of Study

High School Visiting Students are permitted to study for two terms, with continuation into the second term contingent on successful completion of the first.

Student Profile

  • During the academic year, the High School Visiting Student Program is open only to juniors and seniors.
  • During the summer, the High School Visiting Student Program is open only to rising juniors and seniors.
  • High School Visiting Students must be actively enrolled in their secondary school throughout their studies at Columbia.
  • International students are not eligible to apply as High School Visiting Students due to visa regulations.

Note: Columbia does not offer housing for High School Visiting Students.

“I had completed enough math at The Brearley School that I was able to take calculus at Columbia over the summer. I enjoyed the class so much that I continued taking math, physics, and theoretical computer science classes. I have almost completed the requirements for a math major at Columbia. I just found out that I've been accepted to Cambridge and Yale and I'm looking forward to starting college!”Francesca Slade, Age 17

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