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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program geared more toward IT professionals?

The program is geared toward individuals who have an interest in managing technology at an executive level. Although many students do come from technology-related backgrounds, it is not a requirement and the program does not require technical expertise.

What would be stated on my degree of conferral?

Degrees from the program state that the recipient has achieved a Master of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University.

What is the exact schedule I’d be committing to?

Go to the Curriculum webpage, scroll to the bottom, and select the "Residencies: NYC-based" or the "Residencies: Paris-based" button for a detailed program timeline.

Can I speak with a current student or alumnus/alumna? How are graduates applying their degree?

If you have applied to the program, you may connect with a current student or an alumnus/alumna by contacting the advisor. Our alumni profiles illustrate how some individuals are applying their degree.

What kinds of Master’s Projects do students create?

Students create entrepreneurial projects such as new businesses, internal projects related to their current organization, and projects focused on an external organization.

What companies are students, graduates, and mentors of this program working for?

They work for organizations in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, nonprofit, insurance, banking and finance, media and advertising, law, oil and gas, hotel, government, and music. A few examples include Pfizer, Bank of America, HP, and IBM. Many of our students and graduates are also successful entrepreneurs.

What are the advantages of this degree over an MBA?

The Technology Management program is specialized and focused on developing specific capabilities in driving business performance through the use of technology. MBAs focus more on general leadership concepts.

Is management experience necessary for applicants?

An applicant’s minimum five years of experience in professional roles can include substantial accomplishment at a management level, significant project management experience, or “trench-level” IT or related technology experience.

Do you accept deferrals?


What if my question is not answered here?

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