Digital and Business Transformation

Is your goal to digitally transform an organization?

Businesses today must use and take advantage of the new technologies, processes, and developments in the digital world. This involves not just implementing the technologies themselves, but also making changes throughout the business to manage and drive new initiatives. The courses in the Digital and Business Transformation area of focus will prepare you to address the processes, structures, and evaluation methods necessary to implement the digital transformation of an organization. The courses will also provide insights to leverage technology as a driver for business process innovation and improvement.

This area of focus will help you:

  • Master the establishment of business and digital transformation throughout the business and across business lines
  • Implement new technological and digital initiatives successfully
  • Plan for and manage digital transformation issues, incidents, and practices

Where this degree can take you:

  • CIO or other relevant C-level positions
  • Leadership positions in technology management
  • Team management in IT and business transformation

World-Class Guidance

Only at Columbia can you get these three benefits: an area of focus, the intellectual rigor and depth of our curriculum, and the guidance of world-class mentors and executives in residence.

Along with core courses shared by other areas of focus in the program, you’ll follow the Digital and Business Transformation area of focus, taking elective courses that delve deeply into the issues of technology management from that perspective.

Steven Bandrowczak

Steven BandrowczakVice President and CIO for Enterprise Services

Over 30+ years as an IT professional, Bandrowczak has held senior IT leadership positions for various multi-billion dollar global companies, including Avaya, Nortel, Lenovo, DHL, and a privately owned SAP consulting company.


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Designated Electives

These electives in your area of focus combined with the full curriculum inform the Master’s Project, where you apply your coursework to a real-world business challenge, objective, or scenario.

The goal is a technology solution—usually the development of a product or service. Your experience in the industry and knowledge gained in the program are brought together under the guidance of a mentor from our exclusive network of CIOs and technology executives. You’ll work closely with your mentor for three semesters, shaping your idea into a project plan that will become a professional asset.

Executive Seminars

At the C-level, technology is the tool and transformation the vision. Over the course of this program, you’ll develop and refine your Master’s Project solution in three stages:

Master's Project Stages

Product or service
Strategic planning
and marketing


The online Executive Seminars center on trends and issues specific to high-level technology management. After each seminar, your mentor will review the progress of your Master’s Project and provide feedback.

Intensive Study

The intensive study component is an essential part of your development as an executive. You can choose the C-Level Management area of focus with either the New York City, Europe, or San Francisco intensive study plan.