Vince Gennaro on Analytics in Sports

Vince Gennaro, the program director of Columbia University’s Sports Management graduate program spoke with CBS New York about the growing importance of analytics in sports.

A few years ago, professional scouts simply needed to know whether an athlete could throw, run, and bat. For baseball, specifically, batting average was the most important statistic. Today, huge amounts of quantitative data are taken into account as well, which has changed the types of jobs that are available. Here's what Gennaro said:

“I don’t really ever see [analytics] replacing [scouting] completely. I see it as being one more piece of information and one more way to evaluate a player. I think it complements it really well.”

Gennaro noted that the M.S. in Sports Management program focuses on analytics in order to prepare students for the shifting, increasingly data-driven landscape of the sports industry.

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