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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have professional experience in sports? What background is required or favored?

The program accommodates:

  • young professionals who aspire to have a career in sports

  • current sports professionals who want to enhance their current skill set and pursue advancement opportunities

  • career-changing professionals who want to transition to a sports career.

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Is any specific undergraduate major required or favored? What if I didn’t study sports as an undergraduate student? Is it enough that I’m a sports fan?

No particular degree is required. Strong candidates are passionate about sports as a career and have exhibited the maturity to acknowledge sports as both a social institution and a business.

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What career services are provided? Are internships guaranteed? Are there job placement services?

The program’s administration and faculty have extensive professional experience in the sports industry and are available to meet with and advise you. In addition, the School of Professional Studies has executive career coaches to help with tactical support in your job search and organizes events to assist with networking and career development skills.

Although you will be able to obtain support from program’s administrators and its broad network of professional and collegiate sports organizations, you must be aggressive in your own pursuit of internship opportunities.

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What are they key differences between the full-time program and the part-time program? What is the schedule of courses that I would be committing to? Will I have time for a part-time job?

The full-time program is geared toward recent graduates not currently working in the industry or those seeking a career change. International students must be enrolled in the full-time program to be eligible for an F-1 visa. Full-time students typically take 4 courses per semester, which take place in the evening and late afternoon, allowing time for a part-time job or internship. These students can expect to complete the program in 1 to 1.5 years.

The part-time program is ideal for individuals employed full-time in the sports industry or those currently employed who are seeking a transition. These students typically take 2 courses per semester, most of which take place weekdays from 6:10 to 8:10 p.m. Part-time students can expect to complete the program in 2 to 3 years.

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Are there scholarships or grants available?

The School of Professional Studies offers Innovation Scholarships for students in their final year of the program. Students receiving federal assistance may be eligible for Federal Work-Study. We list these options and many other funding opportunities on our Financial Resources webpage.

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Is the GRE/GMAT required? Does it help my application to take one of these exams and include my scores?

The GRE or the GMAT is required for those who have graduated with an undergraduate degree in the past 3 years. The GRE or the GMAT is optional for those who have been out of school over 3 years or already possess a graduate degree.

For complete information regarding the GRE, go to www.gre.org. School report code: 3602.

For complete information regarding the GMAT, go to www.gmac.com. School report code: 3831.

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What areas of focus are available in this program? How do I pursue an area of focus? Can I take courses from other departments at Columbia?

You may choose your five elective courses from a variety of disciplines or from among three elective groupings known as areas of focus: Global Sports, Sports Analytics, and Digital Sports Media and Marketing.

Some elective courses from Columbia’s Business Certification program, and from the University’s master’s programs in Sustainability Management and Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, are available to Sports Management students.

See the Curriculum and Courses pages for details on these answers.

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