Human Capital Management Trends

I’m pleased to announce our collaboration with Deloitte, and with it, the debut of an online class based around the Deloitte 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report.

Like Columbia, Deloitte is based in New York City and is a global leader in human capital management consulting, and one of the “big-four” professional services firms in the world. Also like Columbia and our School of Professional Studies, Deloitte knows it must accelerate how its employees learn, adapt, and grow to succeed. To deliver the best possible services for clients’ toughest challenges, the company has aligned its talent development with its business strategy, and recently launched Deloitte University – a $300M strategic investment in ensuring the future of organizational learning for their employees. Deloitte also conducts its Global Human Capital (HC) Trends research, a foundational report drawing on thousands of human capital professionals across companies and industries, that recommends how businesses should drive change to leverage global forces and their new generation of leaders.

Building on this work, Deloitte has collaborated with our School to debut a free, online class, Global Human Capital Trends. Launching in June 2016, it is ideal for HR and other business professionals. The class will cover the top-ten trends in global talent management, from developing a flexible team-based organizational structure to enhancing employee positivity and productivity. Course participants will learn the implications of these trends and how their organization can address each effectively. 

Anna Tavis, PhD, talks about our free online course offering, and how strategic implementation of the lessons from the HC Trends Report helps businesses succeed: “Institutions like Columbia University have positioned themselves to prepare HR professionals with the leadership skills, strategic mindsets, and analytic tools to take key roles in the architecture and design of the new employee experience.”

A fitting example of how a course like this can bring together academic research and real-world application comes from Johnson & Johnson. Craig Kramer, a Vice President at Johnson & Johnson, gave a guest lecture in my class, Organizational Strategy and Learning, about his company’s famous patient-and-employee-centered credo. While the company adjusts to changing markets and new workplace trends, it remains steadfast to its credo. Having a strategic credo in place like J&J has works to improve the company’s culture, brand, talent retention, and revenue. The company's mission and commitment to its employees is tied to its revenue goals. We, in the class, took his real-world stories and mapped them to academic course lessons.

If you are interested in learning more about the new employee experience, and improving your company’s culture, brand, talent retention, and revenue--I’d encourage you to sign up and get first access to the Global Human Capital Trends course.