Programs at the School of Professional Studies

Pursue English language study, master’s degrees, certificates, Certifications of Professional Achievement, or develop your own course of study.



The School of Professional Studies offers professional master’s degrees, certificates, Certifications of Professional Achievement, the visiting student program, executive education, nine levels of English language instruction, and high school programs in New York City, Barcelona, the Middle East, and Beijing.

The American Language Program (ALP) offers courses year-round. For the availability and educational background required for other School of Professional Studies programs and offerings, consult this chart.

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    Starting Term  
  Fall Spring Summer
English Language Programs      
American Language Program      
Master’s Degree Programs      
Actuarial Science      
Applied Analytics      
Construction Administration      
Enterprise Risk Management      
Human Capital Management      
Narrative Medicine      
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution      
Nonprofit Management      
Sports Management      
Strategic Communication      
Sustainability Management      
Sustainability Science      
Technology Management      
Graduate Preparation      
Graduate Foundations      
Individual Courses      
Fall and Spring Courses      
Summer Courses      
Visiting Student Programs      
Undergraduate Visiting Students      
Graduate Visiting Students      
Advanced Business ◦ ■ ◦ ■ ◦ ■
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology      
Quantitative Study for Finance      
Certifications of Professional Achievement      
Actuarial Science      
Business ◦ ■ ◦ ■ ◦ ■
Graduate Foundations      
Human Rights      
Critical Issues in International Relations      
Sustainability Analytics      
Sustainable Finance      
Sustainable Water Management      
UN Studies      
Business Offerings for undergraduates or recent graduates      
Business Edge      
Business Practice      
Business Plus      
Seminars for Business Executives      
Strategic Communication: International Perspectives      
High School Students      
Programs for High School Students      

* International students studying on the Columbia University campus on a student visa may enroll in one online class each semester.