For a representative schedule, please view the 2017 sessions at-a-glance (PDF).

Among the subjects covered in the daily sessions:

Strategic Communication

Strong foundation and understanding of how to be truly strategic and apply to daily practice. How to recognize the differences between short-term communication objectives and longer-lasting, organization-defining decisions and actions.


The authentic enterprise. How to be an organization that values reputation. Steps that leaders can take to translate their values into behavior and strategy and shape their corporate culture.

Crisis Communication

Crisis simulations are used to demonstrate the importance of ethical reasoning in developing a crisis plan and in identifying various publics to create effective targeted messages. How to frame a story for the news media and rebuilding trust after a crisis.

Internal Communication

The opportunities, challenges, and issues relevant to dealing proactively and reactively with a global network of stakeholders and to manage internal communication for different situations, industries and locations.

Corporate Communication

Examine the way corporate communication is practiced today and the future of the Chief Communications Officer in leading the company to define and activate values.

Directing Global Teams

How cultural values in different parts of the world affect global communication programs, and how global organizations must understand and prepare for these differences.

Social Media

How to identify the best use of social media for your organization, and to develop an appropriate framework for managing it.

Media Relations

Core principals behind strategic media interviewing and responding to questions in a live Q&A. Techniques for controlling the direction and flow of a media interview.