Corey Hirsch to Present at Cyber Warfare Conference

Dr. Corey Hirsch, faculty for the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management program at Columbia University’s School Professional Studies, has been selected to present a paper at ICICWS 13th Annual International Cyber Warfare Conference in Washington, D.C. in early March.

The paper to be delivered, “Collateral Damage Outcomes are Prominent in Cyber Warfare, Despite Targeting,” warns that, despite expectations, cyber weapons inherently cause high collateral damage. Despite being “highly targeted,” they are even more prone to collateral damage than traditional weapons, and can do harm to people and property at vast physical remove from their intended targets.

“With about 10 billion vulnerable devices connected on the internet, the risks of extreme disruption…are rising exponentially,” Dr. Hirsch said.

An international leader in technology management, Dr. Hirsch is CISO of Teledyne Technologies and former Vice President, Europe, at Tektronix, Inc.

This spring, Dr. Hirsch is teaching Enterprise Info Security: Threats and Defense for the Enterprise Risk Management program. His professional cyber research enhances the course, which, he said, “students will likely find central to their professional development” in the field.