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The Evolution of Construction Management As a Profession: Past, Present, and Future


Nov 04, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Fairchild Hall, Room 601

Please join industry leaders, as well as students, alumni, and faculty of Columbia University’s Master of Science in Construction Administration, for a reception, presentation, and Q&A with Raymond Ribeiro, P.E., Senior Associate Vice President of LiRo Group.

Ribeiro will explore how construction managers (CMs) have become such a vital part of every project team and how the role and responsibilities of tomorrow’s CM will continue to evolve.

Prior generations of infrastructure improvements were delivered without the oversight of CMs, at least not in the current sense of that role. As projects became more complex construction managers as we know them today proliferated. As the role of the CM became more crucial, the complexity of construction project delivery has continued to increase. Today’s CMs are assuming more responsibility and leading diverse programs requiring a much broader skill-set.

Advances in technology, declining levels of funding, complicated contract documents and varying levels of controversy or disagreement among stakeholders seem to require today’s CMs to be CTOs, public accountants, attorneys, public relations experts and more. Where is the industry headed and what kinds of additional responsibilities will future CMs be expected to take on? And what are the skill sets they will need to successfully lead tomorrow’s building and infrastructure projects?

About Raymond Ribeiro
After serving for approximately 25 years in various roles for public owners advancing public infrastructure improvement projects, Raymond Ribeiro recently joined the LiRo Group as a Senior Associate Vice President. His public service included serving as the Commissioner for the Nassau County Department of Public Works where he was responsible for managing all engineering, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure as well as management of the County’s multiyear Capital Plan. Most recently, he led the Capital Project Division of the New York City Housing Authority as Executive Vice President and was responsible for the design and construction of all capital improvements to the Authority's portfolio of over 2,600 buildings throughout the five boroughs.

For questions and further information, please contact Deborah Sachare at ds2784@columbia.edu.


Raymond Ribeiro, Senior Associate Vice President, LiRo Group