Build a strategic mindset for the communications workplace.

Columbia University’s Master of Science in Communications Practice program provides you with a foundation of analytical skills, storytelling know-how, audience understanding, and an internship to gain a competitive edge in the field and prepare for a career-track job in communications.

You’ll be prepared to segment and target audiences, evaluate and design research tools, use social media strategically, develop storytelling skills, and thoroughly understand how to develop effective communications strategies.

“My internship projects were substantive and offered a great learning experience. I participated in creative brainstorms and internal reviews and had an opportunity to work directly with department heads.” Rituparna Kanoria
Class of 2014

Extensive Real-World Experience

Aided by the program’s professional network, you secure an internship at a New York City firm. For your entire third semester, you will put your skills to use there as a fully functioning member of a communications team, expand your résumé, and build a network of contacts.

Spend a semester exploring and working in the communications capital of the world. Hear three students discuss their internship.

Gaining further experience, for your Portfolio Project, you will select and analyze a real-world communications challenge faced by an organization. A mentor assigned from among Columbia’s Strategic Communications program alumni will advise you along the way.

Communications Skills Employers Value Most

Communications executives demand their best new hires think critically about any communications challenge before acting. The M.S. in Communications Practice provides you with the mindset and analytical skills these employers value most, not technologies and tasks that may be obsolete by graduation. This focus on strategy prepares you to obtain a higher-level job more quickly.

Outside of the classroom, we encourage students to take advantage of our supplemental communications seminars and workshops, such as Columbia’s Strategic Communications Workshop Series, to further develop their skills and career advancement opportunities, and network with students and alumni from Columbia’s Strategic Communications M.S. program and leaders in the field.

Who Should Apply

Most candidates, whether just beginning or changing careers, have one to five years of experience in communications, and would like to prepare for or advance in a career-track job. Strong applicants are critical thinkers, with a bachelor’s degree in a field that requires analytical writing skills.

An outstanding undergraduate academic record is required for admission, regardless of experience.

This full-time graduate program demands a serious commitment of time and energy. Successful students can manage their time adeptly, cover a substantial amount of course material weekly, and sustain disciplined study habits throughout the term.

Message from the Director

The Master of Science in Communications Practice is an exciting program that makes the best of a Columbia education available to motivated students who want a competitive advantage at the start of their careers in communications.

Our program is designed to prepare you to earn a position in the communications world and be able to think strategically about the work you will be doing, as well as your new work environment. This new way of thinking will enable you to better evaluate information, discuss industry issues with authority, work productively within a team, understand when and how to take initiative, and generally give you a level of confidence that makes you feel you ‘belong’ in the communications field.

The internship will provide you with invaluable real-world professional experience as a member of a communications firm in the city. The courses will give you a solid grounding in the philosophies, practices, and skills necessary to be successful not just in your first communications job, but at every level of your future career.

We’re looking for committed, curious individuals who embrace change, enthusiastically consume media and news, relish collaborative opportunities with classmates, and are excited by the possibilities that a career in communications offers, and aren’t afraid to think boldly and stand behind their ideas.

If you have questions about the program or you wonder how it might fit into your educational and professional goals, I encourage you to email me to set up a time to talk, either by phone or in person. I hope to hear from you soon.

Trudi Baldwin
Program Director

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