36 points for degree completion Combination of on-campus and online instruction
Part-time program* Fall intake only
4 consecutive terms to complete**  
Capstone Project

* International students are responsible for ensuring they have read and understand the University’s student visa application eligibility and requirements. Please note that it is not permissible to enroll while in B-1/B-2 status. Enrollment in the program does not fulfill the requirements for an F1 student visa.
** Intensive study, multiple Saturday or Sunday sessions, and summer and fall electives.

Columbia’s Executive Master’s Program in Strategic Communication embraces a “Scholar Practitioner” approach to learning where you will learn both classical and modern approaches to communication and apply them through simulated and real-world scenarios.

The program’s wide and varied range of electives gives students the opportunity to take classes at the School of Professional Students outside of the program and elsewhere at Columbia. Through their elective selections, students can craft a path of study aligned with specific interests and objectives.

Between intensive study, students attend full-day on-campus sessions on several weekends throughout each semester, as well as completing online work, and team and individual assignments. On-campus attendance is required for all intensive study, as well as on-site weekend sessions.

In order to receive the Executive M.S. in Strategic Communication degree, students must complete all requirements of the degree (36 points) within 16 months with an overall grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better.

Time Commitment

Work Outside of Class

When not meeting on campus, students are required to be active through our online platform. They should be prepared to spend 20–25 hours outside of class every week to complete assigned readings, work on projects, and participate with work groups.

Activities during intensive study and weekend sessions connect directly to the other program components. Therefore, full participation is critical for degree completion. The online component is separate from and does not substitute for the in-person intensive study or weekend sessions.

Intensive Study Dates

Fall 2019

For students who are starting the program this semester.
8/14 - 8/17
9/14 - 9/15
10/19 - 10/20
11/9 - 11/10
12/7 - 12/8

For students in their final semester.
8/15 - 8/18
9/14 - 9/15
10/19 - 10/20
11/9 - 11/10
12/7 - 12/8

Spring 2020

For students who started the program in fall 2019.
1/4 - 1/5
2/8 - 2/9
3/7 - 3/8
4/4 - 4/5
5/16 - 5/17

Summer 2020

No required intensives.