Stories and News

Examples and situations from around the world illustrate that we can better prepare and build resilience when we recognize the stressors of climate variability and resource demands.


Water Insecurity:
Tensions Between Companies and Communities

How can Papua New Guinea secure sources of reliable, clean water?

Limes, Climate, and Violence:
The Complexity of a Crop

See how markets, climate and cartels converge in Mexico.

Artisanal Gold Mining in the Amazon: Small-Scale Actions and Massive Challenges

In the Peruvian Amazon, small-scale gold mining, environment, and conflict are interconnected.

Water and Conflict: Syria
a Lesson in Policy and
Resource Management

Studies linking water scarcity to the conflict in Syria have added a twist to the narrative.

El Niño: A More Powerful
Threat in a More Fragile World

If the year brings together unprecedented weather extremes and unprecedented patterns of fragility, the risks may exceed the conditions we have prepared for.

Papua New Guinea:
Gold Mining

A Columbia University team has been working for two years to assess environmental quality and the human rights impacts of mining on local communities.