John Loike

John  Loike, PhD, is the Co-Director for Graduate Studies in the Department of Physiology Cellular Biophysics and Director of Special Programs in the Center for Bioethics at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He serves as the senior faculty editor of the Columbia University Journal of Bioethics and as the course instructor for Frontiers in Bioethics, Ethics for Biomedical Engineers, and Stem Cells: Biology, Ethics, and Applications.

Each summer, Loike directs a bioethics program in Bangkok, Thailand, and Pune, India called BioCEP where international undergraduate and graduate students encounter real life situations in bioethics and medical ethics.

His biomedical research focuses on how human white blood cells combat infections and cancer. Loike lectures internationally on emerging topics in bioethics, organizes international conferences, and has over 150 papers and abstracts published in the areas of immunology, cancer, and bioethics.