Jeremy Simon

Jeremy Simon, MD, PhD is both an Assistant Clinical Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia and a Scholar-in-Residence at the Center for Bioethics, also at Columbia.

He serves as the Chair of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Ethic Committee, the Associate Editor of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, and as a member of the International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable. He has been awarded fellowships at The American College of Emergency Medicine and at The New York Academy of Medicine

He received his MD from NYU in 1994 and also received a PhD from NYU in Philosophy.  His published works include titles such as Medical Ontology, Playing the Odds: A New Response to Lucretius’s Symmetry Argument, and Refusal of Care: The Doctor-Patient Relationship and Decision making Capacity. His interests extend to both medical ethics and general philosophy of medicine (metaphysics and epistemology) and particularly to the intersection of these fields.