Siddhartha Dalal to Keynote Data West

Dr. Siddhartha (Sid) Dalal, Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Professional Studies at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, is keynoting the annual Data West conference this year.

Hosted by San Diego Supercomputer Center, an organized research unit of the University of California, San Diego, Datawest runs this week, from December 13–15, in La Jolla, California, and attendees will include CEOs, other members of the C-suite, and data scientists.

Dr. Dalal, an instructor in machine learning for Columbia’s Master of Science in Applied Analytics program, will address the topic of Deep Analytics for Risk Analysis of Complex Systems.

“Based on new advances in Deep Learning, a new field is emerging called Deep Analytics which deals with unconventional data collected from pictures, videos, documents written in different languages, mobile apps and data collected from Sensors, and IoT (Internet of Things),” he explains. “The information sources with these kinds of data are exploding. For example, amount of video traffic on Internet alone is going to become 82% of total traffic according Cisco.”

Dr. Dalal will discuss the applications of Deep Analytics to analyze risks using this vast cache of new data.

“It is critical for researchers to be involved in developing techniques for analysis of such data,” he says. “I will describe a number of advances and challenges in this field with applications to Computer Vision, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and sensors.”