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Applied Analytics Profiles

Moshmi Sanagavarapu: Using Leadership to Stand Out in a Competitive Field

The M.S. in Applied Analytics program provided Moshmi Sanagavarapu (’19SPS, Applied Analytics) the perfect blend of the latest analytics techniques and management tools.

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Mandy Chan: Striving to Make a Difference in the Healthcare Industry

Mandy Chan (’18SPS, Applied Analytics) acquired business management knowledge and improved on her data science and coding skills.

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Alessandro Langer: From Master’s Student to Data Analyst

At Columbia, Alessandro Langer (’17SPS, Applied Analytics) learned the hard skills of coding and statistics, and improved his business background and capacity to make business and financial decisions.

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Chris Morello: Applying Skills in Analytics to Real-World Situations

The Master of Science in Applied Analytics program helped Chris Morello gain a better understanding about programming and data science techniques for his new Associate role at Goldman Sachs.

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José Manuel Peña Mendez: Improving Equity Management Through Machine Learning

The Master of Science in Applied Analytics program bridges the gap between business practices and technology, says graduate José Manuel Peña Mendez, who is exploring the use of machine learning and neural networks.

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Sergio Monsalvo Diaz: Learning Applied Analytics in New York

Why this student moved thousands of miles, from Mexico to New York, to get an education in the cutting-edge field of Applied Analytics.

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