Carlton Arms Winter & Spring 2019 Application

Columbia University Housing Information
for American Language Program Students

One housing choice for American Language Program students is in Columbia University suite style dormitories. You can live in a dormitory all year round as long as you continue to be enrolled for full-time classes at the American Language Program. These dormitories are located within several blocks away from the American Language Program office.

There are from 2 to 12 students living within each suite. You will share a bedroom with one other person (called a double) and share bathroom and kitchen facilities with others in your suite. You will be provided with a single bed, dresser, wardrobe, chair and desk. You are responsible for providing your own linen, towels and pillows. Rooms are equipped with ethernet jacks for internet access and telephones. There are laundry facilities in the basement. NO SINGLE ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE.

All double rooms are single sex. Each suite has two bathrooms - one for males, one for females.

There is no smoking allowed in the dormitory.

Only full-time students are eligible to live in Columbia housing.



Housing Dates




(double room)

Winter 2019

Jan 6 – Jan 19 

Jan 6, 9am–4pm

Jan 19, 9am–12pm   


Spring 2019

Jan 21 – May 4

   Jan 21, 9am–4pm

May 4, 9am–12pm



All residents in University accommodations are subject to the Rules and Regulations of Housing. If you disobey these Rules and Regulations your housing contract will be canceled and you will have to leave the dormitories. It is required that each Resident will be clean, quiet, and considerate of other students. You will be living in the midst of full-time Columbia University graduate students studying for degrees. As specified in the “Terms and Conditions of Residence” of your housing contract: Noise which disturbs other residents is prohibited. Overnight guests are not allowed in a double suite room accommodation. Student is responsible for his/her own mess in all common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you want to have visitors, host a study group or have a party, make sure that you discuss these plans with your roommate and suitemates, well in advance. You also need permission from your Resident Advisor. We require the use of headphones when watching television, or listening to music or the radio if the sound is audible outside your room.



 Students who apply for housing after December 14, 2018 for the Winter and/or Spring session will be automatically placed on the waitlist. Please note that the US$300.00 deposit is non-refundable.


1. Complete the application form below.

2. Wire a non-refundable damage/cancellation deposit of US$300.00; student's name and ID number must be enclosed on the wire. Please request your ID# by email to:

Students who do not send the deposit will not be assigned space in the dormitory.





Wells Fargo NA
Addressee: Columbia University
375 Park Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10152 
Account Number 2000011750143 
Domestic: ABA #121000248; ACH #: 026012881 
International: ABA #121000248; CHIPS ID 0407 
(Enclose student's name and Columbia ID Number)

Winter/Spring 2019 deadline: December 14, 2018. Students who apply for housing after December 14, 2018 for either session will be automatically placed on the waitlist. Please note that the US$300.00 deposit is non-refundable.



I am applying for a double room for the following session(s):

Please note that students staying for both Winter and Spring sessions will be charged an extra $49 for the nights between the sessions

[Please check the session(s) that apply]

The entire housing fee must be paid in full in US dollars upon arrival.
Payment should be made at the cashier's office in 210 Kent Hall after you register for your class.